Monday, December 30, 2013


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The day of the concert

The concert was on December 19th and it was during the interview weekend of my school so I didn't have to worry about missing school. I just saw a poster in Shibuya promoting BIGBANG's concert last month and mentioned it to my friend Sena who happens to be a VIP (Bigbang's official fanclub) and this happened! I'm so lucky to be honest that there were still spots available because I know they are popular in Japan. 
Like you can tell from my video, it was a very rainy and cold day and we decided to go to Korean Town before the concert to buy goods and kill time which meant a lot of walking and lots of shopping. Even though I had an umbrella but I was still drenched after about 2 hours of shopping in Korean Town. 
I will try to make a haul video about what I got there and the official goods that I got at the concert so stay tuned! 

The concert itself (personal thoughts aka rant)

The concert was amazing! I personally am into BIGBANG's music but I'm not exactly their biggest fan but it was definitely very enjoyable. The moment when the lights went off, a sea of red and yellow appeared in front of my eyes. It was so pretty that my eyes started tearing up. The opening guest was a band called WINNER, from the same company (YG) as BIGBANG. Fortunately, I went through some of their videos on Youtube before the concert without knowing they were going to be in the live. I love the leader Kang Seung Yoon <3
They will be debuting in Japan I think so they performed their songs in Japanese. At this point I already went into my crazy fangirl mode... 
After their performance, the main focus point of the night showed up. They started with a video then all the members came out. The first song was "Haru Haru" I believe, followed by some of their classic songs such as "Blue", "Bad Boy" and "Gara Gara Go", etc.. These songs really got the atmosphere in Tokyo Dome to a boiling point as everybody knows these songs so it was easy to sing along. Member's solo time startes with Seungri (or V.I) with "Let's talk about love", then comes Daesung (or D-Lite) with "Wings". Then there was MC time where two of the better Japanese speakers (V.I and D-Lite) of the band leads the talk. The talks are pretty funny to be honest and one thing that caught my attention was that V.I was talking mainly in "Kansaiben"() which is a dialect in the Osaka area. It's mainly used by Japanese comedians so I was surprised that V.I is speaking it too! Through out the whole concert's MC times T.O.P, being less fluent in Japanese, only said the word "Yabai"() over and over again!! He's facial expression was so cute it made the entire place laugh. Then follows the solo of Taeyang (or SOL) with his new song "Ringa Linga" and I love this song so much I had so much fun listening to it! G-Dragon was next with "Crayon", and finally followed by T.O.P with "Turn It Up". They are my two favourites in the band so it was very exciting to hear them live. T.O.P slid down a pole on stage and I lost it at that very moment >.< 
He's sooooo sexy!! *drools*
After a few more songs as a group, the concert has come to the final stage. They performed "Fantastic Baby" and had another MC time and said goodbye to the audience. BUT as most fans know, concerts never end without an ENCORE! The spotlight for me in this section was "Koe wo Kikasete" since this is THE song which led me to BIGBANG because it was the opening theme of a Japanese drama and I loved that drama <3
You can check it out here --> Ohitorisama
The entire live was about 3 hours long and it was definitely one of the most exciting 3 hours of my life! (Another one was Akanishi Jin's concert in L.A just by the way :p)

The Purikura we took

Tokyo Dome after the Live

I bought a lot of goods too so if you want to check that out, it's going to be up soon if everything goes right ;)

Sorry this got kind of long... And it's not really about Japan... *Tehepero*
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Otaku shopping paradise: Animate in Ikebukuro

This week is the exam week at my school but I'm not doing any exams so I was free during the entire week.
On one of the weekdays, I went to Ikebukuro with my fellow exchange student Miia. She's also a big fan of animes and mangas (especially Shingeki no Kyojin, One Piece and Naruto), which led us to Animate(アニメイト). The store is all over Japan, selling manga and anime goods for almost any anime you know.
The one we went to in Ikebukuro is the "honten (本店)" which means main shop in English, so it's probably the biggest Animate in the area. It had an entire building dedicated to the store with 9 floors in total! It truly is a paradise for us anime lovers. It sold goods, mangas, games and CDs and DVDs. It had EVERYTHING ACG related in it!! I went there once with my classmates before and I just couldn't stop screaming in a high pitched voice and this time, my second time, I still couldn't stop screaming because a lot of new things came out after the last time I was there.
Overall, I think if you're visiting Tokyo and you love anime and manga you definitely should visit this store! I know it has stores all over Japan too so even if you're not in Tokyo, you can still enjoy it. If you go on weekdays, maybe you'll see people cosplaying at the store too! The store staffs will be cosplaying too so make sure to check that out!!

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After lunch we actually went to a game centre to take purikura. The purikura place has a special service which is lending cosplay costumes for free in order for people to take the purikura while dressed as an anime or manga character! It was so much fun but the store banned any kind of film or photography so I couldn't vlog but here are the purikuras we took.
The lower one is with our cosplay costume on while the one on the top is with our normal clothes.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I do on a long weekend: Tokyo Disney Land and Karaoke

We had a long weekend at the beginning of this month. I had a very busy weekend since I went to Tokyo Disney Land and Karaoke with my friends at school.
I went to Disney Land with my classmate Sena (who's also my best friend in Japan) on a Friday, since we thought that it wouldn't be as crowded on a weekday. Truth is, it was actually not crowded! We met at the train station at 5am (yes, I know this is early but it was worth it!) to ride the train to Shinjuku then transfer twice to arrive at Disney Land at around 8am and we waited for 30 minutes before the gates opened. It is a very busy morning but I'm glad we did this because the amount of people lining up to get in was overwhelming! There's also another park called Disney Sea, geared towards an older audience so we plan to go there next time. The Land has lots of character meet and greets along with the Cinderella Castle and parades. It was truly a day at the land of dreams!
Sena's father was kind enough to pick us up at around 9:30pm and I got home at around 11pm. It was a very tiring day but it was so much fun!!

This wasn't accidental closed eyes, the sun was too bright! 

Queen of Hearts restaurant

The next day, I went to Karaoke with my friends near my school. Since the day before I was at Disney so my voice was NOT in the shape for Karaoke! The people I went with were really funny people so I had a lot of fun! One of them is the vocal of one of our school rock bands so he definitely was very skilful and the other one was so funny!

There's a marking system in the Karaoke which gives you a score after you sing and we were aiming for the highest score but unfortunately, we were not able to. So we decided to choose less popular songs to sing so we went for "O Sole Mio" in Italian! We made it into a rock version and I laughed so hard!

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Clubs at my school(部活)

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating recently. I've been really busy due to club activities (部活) and other things. As an exchange student I can join as many clubs I wish as long as I can manage my schedule so I joined 5 clubs at school. Right now I'm in the Kendo club, dance club, Jazz band, MES club and I'm thinking about joining the rugby club. My main focus is on the Kendo club since everybody in the club are so nice and funny. I have to say that it is very hard, much harder than it looks! The captain, who's obviously very talented, had his foot cut from Kendo but according to him, it is something that always happens so it doesn't bother him.

Then the dance club and the Jazzband are both cubs I joined because I used to do it in Canada too. My high school back home had a band of about sixty people too but since I'm a flautist, I couldn't join the Jazzband. However, in Japan, there aren't enough people to form two bands so flutes can also join the Jazzband. At the moment, we have about twenty people in total but everybody is very skilled at what they do. The dance club is a new club created this year and what we do is "copy dance" mainly of Kpop artists.
Last week, we had a performance for a community festival. I only have footage for the Jazzband performance, unfortunately.

These pictures are from a MES meeting held in October and it was mainly just talking about our plans for the club in the future. If you don't know what MES club is, it's kind of like and international communication club where we watch movies in English and try to know about other countries.

I visited some of the sports clubs in my school, one day after school, including the Track and Fields club (I always go bother them when I'm free because I love watching people run?), the Rugby club (with a lot of my classmates in it), the Basketball club and the Kendo club.
The track and fields club had a muscle training session that day but usually they're running on the field. Since I'm always bothering them, the members asked me if I wanted to join.
The basketball club doesn't have a lot of members but the girls' basketball team members are all very cute and open.

Finally, a little update of my recent life in Japan...
I HAVE NO TIME TO WEAR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SPORTS WEAR during school days!! I've taken so many P.E courses that all I do almost every day is sports and everybody at school knows if they need to find me, I'm at the gymnasium.
Right now, my sports schedule is the following:
Monday: Dance club and Kendo club
Tuesday: P.E and Golf class and MES club
Wednesday: Jazzband
Thursday: Kendo Club
Friday: Tennis and Badminton and dance club
On Monday, there are only three periods so I start with P.E (we are doing volleyball recently) and I end my day with golf. Then I go to club activities. So I just go to school in my sports clothes and don't change since there's really no point to do so. On Friday, we have four periods and I have sports after lunch for two periods. Due to this schedule, I'm very tired everyday but it makes my life so much more enjoyable! My sports wear are on the colourful side too so you can imagine me in the train every morning!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tour my school with me!!

My school had a test on Thursday which all the 1st graders had to take. All the exchange students are in first year classes so we didn't have school in the morning. I filmed a video with my friend Miia, who's from Finland. I hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to Subscribe!!

I'm sorry for the quality of my videos I don't know why they're like this but I'll try to fix it.
I will have a video for my clubs at school and my friends up soon too so stay tuned!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty land)

Last week, I went to Sanrio Puroland () with my host family. I was very excited because Sanrio is known for their cute characters such as Hello Kitty, My melody and BuzzMaru. Personally, I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty and Sanrio in general and was known for it at my school in Canada! Everybody knew that I love Hello Kitty. This character land was like paradise for me. The decorations were adorable as well as the shows and attractions. However, it's not an amusement park like Disneyland since it only has two rides (a boat ride and a car ride). The main attraction in here, is taking pictures. They have many characters taking pictures with people around the place. It is an indoor park so people can enjoy it even on rainy days! The day we went was rather cloudy so it wasn't crowdy at all! It made the experience much more enjoyable.

I vlogged that day:

The tree of Wisdom in the middle of the park. It's actually an attraction geared towards couples.

Ice cream factory

The entrance to the underground section

Boat ride

Inside the tree of wisdom, there's a zone where couples can wish for happiness and success in their relationship. It's like a Japanese shrine with a bell called "" (bell of happiness) and emas. 

This is where you make your wish

The Bell of Happiness

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a cute little brother!

Our Ema

After, we went to the recently opened area called Sanrio Town. The main attraction there is the Lady kitty house. 

Macaron cake~

Hello Kitty bento!!

Musical show

Going home...

The station where Sanrio Puroland is situated

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